Joseph Ayeni is a First Class Graduate of Computer Science with Economics from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria. He is an Associate and Fellow member of many Accountancy bodies such as ACCA, AIA, AAT and he is a Microsoft Certified professional.
Joseph Ayeni (a.k.a Roland) was consecrated as a Bishop in Jerusalem Church of the Lord International (Ile-Ewe) in August 2018. He lives in London with his lovely and God-fearing family.
“He that walks with the wise shall be wise, but the company of fools shall be destroyed.” – The Holy Bible
Not many people who grew up like Joseph finishes with a First at the University to become a successful self-employed consultant in the United Kingdom.
Joseph grew up with lots of challenges including low family income, absence of student loan with his family barely living above the poverty line. Despite these many challenges, Joseph managed to secure a place at The prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria to study Computer Science with Economics. He graduated in 1995 with first class honours.

Joseph’s moral integrity, passion for the youths and dedication to excellence propelled him to write the book entitled, “First Class Honours, Biblical Road To Academic Excellence“. This book is a must read for every aspiring and determined student who wishes to excel in their academic pursuit in a decent and God-fearing way.

Bishop Ayeni has worked in the Information Technology Establishment, Banking & Finance Industry in Nigeria and he presently works as Systems Accountant in the UK. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant and holds professional certificates of many Accountancy and Technological bodies.

He is happily married to Lady Oluwakemi Yetunde and they are blessed with God-fearing and pleasant children.

You can connect with him on linkedin

LinkedIn profile: http://linkedin.com/in/joseph-ayeni-fcca-cisa-020544a3

“He that walks with the wise shall be wise, but the company of fools shall be destroyed.” – The Holy Bible

(Proverbs 13:20)


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