“… because fear hath torment…” 1 John 4:18. 

If care is not taken, many people will die of fear before coronavirus catches up with them.

Ignorance and coronavirus are both deadly diseases. The major difference between the two is that whilst coronavirus will kill you quickly, ignorance will kill you slowly, steadily and gradually.

Let me share these testimonies to the glory of God.

(A) Last year during our God Never Fails convention of 2019, there was a great wind and heavy rain which brought down the huge tent made for us by the youths.

When I came out to see what happened, some people came to me saying two people have died including a man from London. The wife of the man from London came to me and was crying that they said her husband is either wounded or dead. I told her that was a lie of the devil. I told her not to worry that God will not allow evil to befall us on the mount.

To the glory of God, when I got to the Hall where people took refuge, I met the man from London drinking tea and Bishop Dapo Oloye was by his side. The man only felt cold and that was it!

A woman that was screaming that she can’t find her son found her son 30 minutes later. All people that lost their bags found them, all that lost their shoes found them, all that lost their phones found them. In fact, we recovered all.

(B) Again, in living memory, on 27 January 2002, I was living at Oluwalogbon Street in Ketu, Lagos, Nigeria.

At about 4pm on this Sunday whilst a business meeting was taken place in the 2-bedroom flat I rented, we heard a loud and mighty explosion which shook the house and cracked the glass of the windows of my flat.

Everyone ran outside to see what happened. Then a young man ran towards our house screaming that the whole of Victoria Island has been destroyed by an invading army. He said they have sunk Dolphin estate and they have blew up the third mainland bridge.

In panic, many people were running and many children were lost in the crowd and commotion that ensued. By the wisdom of God, I told my family to keep calm and not to join the crowd to run. Women that were selling food in front of our house joined the crowd and ran. Many of them were never seen alive again.

I went into my car and switched on the radio. I was moving from one station to the other to see if any of the stations will report what was happening. Then a foreign station (BBC) began to report of an explosion at the Ikeja cantonment where the military stored their bombs.

Later that evening, the news was confirmed by local radio and television stations. Alas, it was too late, over 1,100 people died in various circumstances because they panicked. Some ran into the hidden canal along Isolo-Osodi axis. Over 20,000 people were displaced and many people were injured.

Many people on this platform can confirm this story.

What is the moral of this story, false news can lead to the death of innocent people.

I have taken my time to write this long message so that you may stay away from consuming falsehood or propaganda being widely circulated on social media.



 You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free!

Bishop Roland Ayeni

11 April 2020.



    • Hello Rapheal – I do appreciate you. May the Lord grant you the requests of your soul. Amen.

  • Inspiring indeed.
    Be well informed. Do not panic. Be still and know that the Lord is the Lord.
    Thanks my lord Bishop Ayeni.

    • Hi Olumide – May the Lord be with you and prosper your ways. Amen. Thanks for taken the time to read my blog.

  • this is a divine encouragement to the mas… truely fear kills like poison.

    sometimes I panic whenever I read post on social media, at the same time I console myself with the words of the Lord. (Psalm 91, 23, 24)

    Thank you my Lord Bishop for this article, it helps alot. I’ll read this to my family to digest it too.

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