Many people expect helpers to come from their blood brothers or sisters. Many erroneously think that their helpers will come from their church members. Many are even naive and think that their helpers can only come from members of their tribes or nationality.

Well, I don’t dispute that these could be the case but when you lift up your eyes unto the hills and recognize that your help will come from the Lord who made the heavens and the earth:

Then, God will raise up helpers for you in the most unusual of places and from the most unusual amongst men!

In 1 Chronicles 12:8, God created some “Special” human beings whose faces were like lions and assigned them to protect and defend David. Think about that!

Don’t despise that man; don’t despise that woman; don’t despise that ‘little’ job – for it could be an arrangement for you by the Lord.

My prayers for you is that God will raise helpers for you from where you least expected in Jesus Name.

Since you have been trusting in people and they have been letting you down, I challenge you henceforth to put your complete trust in the God that called Iya – Ewe and you will soon testify to His Greatness.

In Year 2006 when I got to the UK, it was a complete white man, whom I merely spoke with over the phone as he was a recruiter that visited my apartment on the Christmas Day of 25 December 2006, to give me a gift of a new laptop! That was 3 months after I arrived in England.

I share this practical experience and testimony to let you know that God is still in the business of raising up unusual people to help His beloved children. May you not fight against your destiny helper. Amen.

God can raise up people whose faces are like the faces of lions to help you.

God bless you. Amen.

Bishop Roland Ayeni



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