Thy testimonies are very sure: holiness becometh thine house, O LORD, forever.” – Psalm 93:5.

Here is a summary:

  1. About a year ago, my 11 year old boy, Goodnews, was naughty and in line with the word of God, I chastised him with a whip.
  2. The Government of the UK decided that I have broken the law and they took away not only Goodnews but his elder brother and sister to places we do not know.
  3. My wife and I were taken to the court and long story short, our children were returned to us but I was asked to vacate my house. I was away from my own house and family for close to 1 month. I was not allowed to see my children or to talk to them. It was the most horrific experience of my life.
  4. Those that know about social service will understand what I am saying. It was in the midst of these problems that my family and I went to the 2019 “My God Never Fails” in Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria.
  5. Baba (Almighty God) told us that we are free (Mo ti yo). When we returned to the UK after the convention, we attended further court cases, social service meetings and many others.
  6. In the process, everything about us was laid bare but thanks to the Lord, they found no incriminating evidence against us.
  7. In their report, they said if every family in the UK were like ours, the country would be a better place to live. We give God the glory.
  8. After two other hearings, my wife and I were set free but they said they will continue to observe Good news in case there is another incident.
  9. Throughout this time, the Primate was praying for my family fervently, telling us it shall end in testimony. The children of God in London who were aware were also praying and supporting us. The Holy Spirit was giving us assurance that all shall be well. The trauma was unbelievable.
  10. Today, 1 May 2020, I sent a message to the Primate to let her know it was her grandson’s birthday. The Primate replied with lots of prayers in a voice note. She mentioned each of her grandchildren in my house and prayed for them. The voice note was sent to my phone.
  11. As we were listening to the voice note and answering “Amen!”, a call came through on my wife’s phone. It was from the Local Government Authority who has been dragging the case with us for almost a year!
  12. My wife answered the call and lo and behold, the message was that our case with the Local Authority and Social Services is being CLOSED. The lady said they are no longer interested in pursuing further case with us.
  13. I looked back at the events of today, the online praise worship service (GPS), the prayers from the Primate and the fact that today is Good news’ birthday, I cannot deny that this is the finger of the Almighty God
  14. Would anyone imagine receiving good news during a corona virus pandemic? If God says, “Yes”; no man can say, “No”.
  15. This is our testimony and if it blesses you, please feel free to share with those that value godly things and appreciate divine intervention.

“When you pass through fire, it shall not burn you…” Isaiah 43:2

 Bishop & Lady Bishop Joseph R. Ayeni.

Friday, 01 May 2020.



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